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Written about us

There was a very nice article published about our chalet II. in the Estate magazine. We highly appreciate it and therefore we decided to imprint the text for you on our website.

Napsali o nás - Chalupa č. II.

When you approach from the side, it seems as if the cottage is perched in mid-air – supported as it is by a high stone foundation wall. The interior of Krakonoš is welcoming. If you raise your eyes to the rafters, you will see a headless sledger on a sledge. Simply a fairytale cottage.

Not to frighten you needlessly – the sledger is naturally made of wood. We will discuss the origin of this strange figure later, and the reason for it to be hanging there. The cottage, as if ripped from the pages of the Krakonoš fairytale, provides modern comforts to residents and guests.

Former Barn and Carpenter‘s Workshop

As you have surely guessed from all the references to the ruler of the mountains, this time we have ventured to the western part of the Krkonoše Mountains to visit Paseky nad Jizerou. Chalets are scattered on the slopes like strewn beads, sometimes one chalet can not be seen from the next. Owners, David Fiala and his wife, Kateřina, love the tranquillity of the... Read more...

Another article from the Estate magazine, which wrote about our romantic chalet no. I.:

Hairpin bends on the mountain roads took us to the edge of a village in the Giant Mountains. Here our hosts found the cottage of their dreams.

Chalupa v Krkonoších č. II. Krakonošovo království

The search had not been easy, although they knew what they wanted – or perhaps just because..

We wanted a log cabin in this corner, among the hills and with a nice view. One that would not be spoilt by modern adaptations. We searched for five years before this offer came up – the cottage met all our wishes, it was just not made of logs,, recalls Kateřina. „One of the criteria was

also year-round vehicle access. We spend as much time as possible here – we go on hikes, and we are enthusiastic skiers.

With the Stars Above

The cottage is about 200 years old,” David continues the narration. “Originally it had a residential room and sheds. When we purchased it, two small rooms were already built on the site of the sheds. The previous owner had partially altered the house, but it had been empty for about... Read more...